Aviation Remote Pilot Certificate III

Duration: 6 months

Location: Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart



Aviation Remote Pilot Certificate III – AVI30316

(Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) 

(Release 1)

Qualification Description

This qualification is relevant to individuals operating remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) within visual line of sight (VLOS), below 400 feet above ground level (AGL), in day visual meteorological conditions (VMC), outside of controlled airspace, greater than 3 nautical miles from an aerodrome, outside of populous areas.

Remote pilot duties include applying technical and non-technical aviation skills and knowledge within RPAS operational environments.

This qualification forms some of the requirements for certification by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) as described in Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Part 101 Division 101.F.3—Certification of UAV controllers.

Civil and military personnel seeking certification as remote pilots should check requirements with CASA.

Use for Defence Aviation is to be in accordance with relevant Defence Orders, Instructions, Publications and Regulations.

Entry Requirements

Operational flight crew are to satisfy General and Aviation English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements as directed by aviation regulatory authorities.

Candidates should check with the CASA or Defence aviation for specific requirements.

Packaging Rules

A total of 14 units


6 months


Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart